Compliance is important to us „… because sustainable business success is closely linked to compliance with laws, regulations and ethical standards. Compliance is a key factor for our reputation and characterizes the way we conduct business“.



WeylChem Group of Companies wants to be perceived worldwide as a reliable partner with integrity for our

Even supposedly minor compliance violations can have a significant impact on WeylChem's reputation and cause great damage.
Therefore: we require all WeylChem employees to strictly adhere to the provisions of our Code of Conduct.

WeylChem will investigate any suspected compliance violation.

If you have knowledge of a suspected compliance violation, you can report it to us anonymously through this digital whistleblowing system.
It provides a secure way for you to communicate with us and ensures your full protection as a whistleblower.

We rely on you to help us stay compliant!

Click here to go to the whistleblower platform

You are also welcome to submit your tip via the telephone channel of this whistleblower solution:
Mon. - Fri.: 09:00 - 17:00
+49 800 3800 999