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Committed to acting responsibly

As a chemical company, we bear particular responsibility for running safe and efficient operations with minimized environmental impact - in other words: for managing our business sustainably.
Of course, sustainable management doesn’t happen in a vacuum. The European Commission’s Green Deal, for example, sets ambitious targets to the achievement of which we aspire to contribute. Likewise, customers demand from their suppliers continuous improvements in raw materials and energy consumption. Last not least, the communities we operate in have every right to expect us to behave considerately.
Our commitment to living up to this responsibility is brought to life in our processes and products.

Sustainable processes and plants

We continuously look out for more energy-efficient and sustainable production process based on the use of modern technology. To this end, we scrutinize our production processes, seeking increased waste avoidance, recycling or conversion of waste streams into alternative uses and improved steam utilization. For instance, gas-phase-synthesis can reduce the energy consumption and CO2 emissions in oxidation processes significantly. Likewise, modern catalysts require less solvent and produce the desired products selectively.
One field of particular importance is the establishment of circular processes that reduce raw material consumption, energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and the creation of waste all at the same time. One such process is the production of Phenothiazine at our Allessa site which is powered by a “waste-to-energy” biomass power plant and does not consume fossil fuels. Our aromatic ring chlorination in Frankfurt Höchst turns by-products into value-added goods, including the recovery of large amounts hydrochloric acid from waste gas purification.
In procurement, we prefer regional supply partners and choose transportation via rail and barge wherever possible to reduce our supply chain’s carbon footprint.
These continued efforts are reflected in a number of recognitions such as the ECOVADIS Gold Status for almost all legal entities, and certification of our sites according to ISO 50001.

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Safety as the foundation

Underlying all activities is an uncompromising approach to plant and occupational safety. Through measures such as audits, certification or preventive maintenance we ensure that buildings, plants and other facilities fulfill all relevant safety criteria. The same applies to our personnel’s working environment and conditions. This commitment has resulted in demonstrable safety track record that encompasses, for example, 30 years of operations in high-pressure synthesis without an accident.

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Product innovation

Complementary to our production processes, we focus on developing sustainable, innovative products. These innovations may be related to performance, such as new catalysts for detergents that enable lower washing and bleaching temperatures in appliances, or to raw materials such as a broad range of bio-based solutions.
Velvetol®, for example, is a family of bio-based, high-performance polyether polyols that can completely replace petroleum-based polyols in polyurethane systems, thermoplastic polyurethanes, dispersions and elastane fibers. They can be processed into a range of polyurethane systems, thermoplastic polyurethanes, dispersions and elastane fibers, with possible applications ranging from shoes and clothing to accessories such as handbags and bracelets to sporting. A life cycle analysis according to ISO14040 / 44 shows that the climate footprint of the polymer is up to 50 percent lower than that of petrochemical alternatives such as PTMEG, sometimes even with better performance.
In care chemicals, our range of Peractive® TAED bleach activators is produced in a solvent-free manufacturing process which has water as the only by-product. The latest variant, Peractive® AC White Eco, doesn’t contain any polymers that are classified as microplastics by the EU, is easily biodegradable and has therefore been certified according to the Ecocert standard.

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Code of conduct

Our Group’s diversity is a great strength, because the combination of all the individual capabilities enables us to offer our customers a unique breadth of solutions. At the same time, we ensure that everyone within our organization adheres to a set of common rules for conducting our business in a morally impeccable manner. These rules are described in our Code of Conduct. 

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