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Our unique, versatile set-up enables us to supply a multitude of branches with individual, complex molecules. This is supported by the breadth of technologies at our sites that are often backward and forward integrated, enabling multi-step syntheses at various levels.

Here is an overview of the main industries we serve:



WeylChem manufactures exclusive commercial volumes of advanced intermediates and active ingredients based on processes provided by global customers.



Having available a broad range of relevant technologies, we can establish complex, multistep syntheses at a given site which reduces complexity and logistical costs. Different product types can be physically separated from each other, avoiding potential cross-contamination.

Our engineering teams work to continuously optimize production processes further in terms of, for example, energy and raw material consumption, reuse of by-products, or emissions.



Production volumes are usually several hundred tons annually. In addition, we offer piloting options with volumes between 500 liters (initial process development) and 4,000 liters for field test quantities of several hundred kilograms.



  • Custom-made metallocenes 

  • Ziegler-Natta & Brookhart-Gibson catalysts based on proprietary customer processes 

Technology Highlights 

1 x 60 L, 1 x 250 L, 1 x 800 L, 1 x 3,000 L, 2 x 6,000 L reactors, 2 x 1,5 m2 Hastelloy filters at -25 to +150 °C
Multi-purpose assets with 100 – 5,000l scale and between -100 and +200 °C
Expertise in working under inert conditions

Our production volumes reach a double-digit to a three-digit range of kilograms per year, per product. 




Thickeners based on acrylamide polymers
Surface-active products
UV-blockers in commercial scale



OLED and LC building blocks in high purity, including process development
Materials for printed semiconductors and OLEDs
Functional polymers used in electronic application



Custom-made ligands based on proprietary customer processes
Complex and chiral ligands for Metallocenes and Ziegler-Natta & Brookhart-Gibson catalysts
Phosphine- & phosphide-based ligand systems


  • Large-scale batch processes with reactor size of up to 20 m3

  • Our production volumes reach a double-digit to a three-digit range of kilograms per year, per product. 

New Energy Solutions


Large-scale production of aromatic compounds used for redox flow batteries
Oxygen-sensitive derivatives used for battery fillings
Partner to several start-up companies

Oil & Gas


Focus on polymers with extreme temperature stability for use in e.g. fracking, acidizing, EOR
Extensive know-how in polyacrylamides and polyacrylates



We produce registered starting materials for a number of leading pharmaceutical companies, helping them concentrate their value chains and thereby reducing risks and cost associated with transfers from site to site. The complex syntheses performed for our customers may include up to ten steps or even more. 

Technology Highlights 

We operate challenging technologies such as low temperature processes, halogenations or complex metalloorganic chemistry. 

These include, for example: 

Bromination with elemental bromine or bromine reagents, with valuable mother liquors being recycled to save cost and enhance sustainability
Low temperature reactions down to -78°C in the vessel
Handling of metalloorganic compounds and/or catalysts, based on decades of experience in making metallocenes and phosphorus-containing ligands


Our vessels allow for production volumes between kilograms in the two-digit range and several hundreds of tons per year. 

In complex synthetic pathways, backward integration of the first - sometimes high-volume - steps in large vessels up to 20 m3 is possible. 

Pigments & Dyes


High performance pigments (crude and finished) in commercial quantities
In-house coloristic tests
150 years of experience in synthesizing pigments



We provide batch polymerization, manufacture of IP-protected specialty polymers including process development and scale-up, and commercial-scale industrial production. The product is supplied as solution, emulsion, flakes or in molten form. We also modify polymers with various reagents. 

Technology Highlights 

Multi-purpose batch vessels of up to 20 ㎥
High dynamic viscosities of up to 100,000 mPas
Large-scale drying equipment


Our production volumes reach from tons in the two-digit range to thousands of tons per year. 

Renewable/Green Chemistry


Processing of bio-based or bio-degradable materials
Backward integrated into Propanediol oligomers
Partner to several start-up companies

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