Our expertise for your innovation

We develop individual new solutions for, or in cooperation with, our customers and assist them in optimizing the performance of their formulations. Exclusivity can be granted if required.
In the areas of Home Care and I&I Cleaning, we are particularly experienced in developing bleach activators and catalysts, surfactants, soil release polymers and builders.
In Personal Care, our focus is on thickeners and emulsifiers while our WeylChem Catexel unit specializes in the development of innovative technology for raw cotton bleaching and water treatment.

Helping you innovate

Over the past five years alone, we have brought close to 20 new products to the market, about one third of which was developed in direct collaboration with a customer. A tested and proven stage-gate process ensures efficient and effective project management, including close interaction of our own R&D teams with their counterparts on the customer side. This process covers all the crucial project phases from developing and testing prototypes to piloting and registration up to a product’s commercialization.

Proven history of successful product development
In-depth understanding of target applications
Regulatory expertise

Stage-gate process


  • Strategic fit
  • Market analysis
  • Technical feasibility
  • Production capabities
  • Legal chock / IP
  • Project definition
1. Kickoff

2. Scale-Up

  • Chemical development
  • Process development
  • Application development
  • Intellectual Property
  • Customer approach
2. Scale-Up item

3. Implement

  • Procurement
  • Piloting
  • Regulatory clearance & quality
  • Life Cycle Perspective
  • Marketing
  • Sales Forecast
  • Investment / CAR
3. Implement item

4. Transfer

  • Product set-up
  • Sales contracts
  • Production
4. Transfer item
1. Kickoff
2. Scale-Up item
3. Implement item
4. Transfer item

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Dr. Konstanze Mayer

Dr. Konstanze Mayer