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WeylChem Bilbao S.L.U.

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WeylChem Bilbao operates a state-of-the art plant with an excellent sustainability footprint. It processes waste sulfur derived from oil refining into high-purity sulfuric acid via the sulfur burning process.

Located in the port of Bilbao, and commissioned in 2012, the facility is one of the most modern of its kind in Europe.

The plant employs around 50 people and has an annual capacity of 350 kt of sulfuric acid. We also offer oleum and molten sulfur.



Inauguration of the plant by Befesa Group


Befesa Group sells the facility to INEOS Enterprises


Acquisition by International Chemical Investors Group and creation of WeylChem Bilbao S.L.U.


The site combines state-of-the-art technology with electricity co-generation to produce sulphuric acid in a range of concentrations from 80% to 98%.
In addition to the business offers specialized sulfur chemicals including oleum 20% and molten sulfur, serving a broad spectrum of industries.
The plant in Bilbao uses sulfur obtained from the desulphurisation processes of Refineries as a raw material. The heat generated in the process is used for the production of steam which is used to produce electric power.




ISO 45001 (safety)
ISO 14001 (environment)
ISO 9001 (quality)


WeylChem Bilbao S.L.U.

Dique de Zierbena Muelle AZ-1 ES-48508 Zierbena, Bizkaia
+34 94 497 02-42
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