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Delivering efficient processes, reliable custom manufacturing services, and Grignard reagents of the highest quality, we find solutions that support your growth.

We support the development, scale-up, and commercial production of your fine chemical and specialty chemical products backed by extensive experience and knowledge in diverse chemistry and technology platforms serving numerous market sectors. 

Our team has delivered products for sectors including but not limited to the following: 

  • Electronics 

  • Polymers and plastic additives 

  • Agriculture / Agrochemicals 

  • Textiles and Coatings 

  • Aerospace 

  • Fuel additives and lubricants 

  • Biocides 

  • Pharmaceuticals  

  • Specialty chemicals 

Located in Elgin, South Carolina, 20 miles outside of Columbia, our proximity to Interstate I-20 and to the port of Charleston coupled with our extensive supply chain experience and expertise allows for fast import and export of your materials.  



Founded by Dr. James Hardwicke & Mr. Wilhelm Frings 


Acquired by Ethyl Corporation 


Acquired by BTP (Archimica) 


Acquired by Clariant 


Acquired by ICIG and creation of the WeylChem Group of Companies


Chemistry Capabilities—including but not limited to:

  • Wurtz reaction 

  • Diazo chemistry 

  • Grignard reagents with N+X integration advantage 

  • Methylation 

  • Friedel-Crafts reactions 

  • Esterification 

  • Polymerizations  

  • Hydrolysis 

  • Hydrosilyation 

  • Methoxylation 

Equipment Capabilities

  • Lab scale research, process development, analytical equipment, and scale-up 

  • RC-1 calorimeter for process safety and heat of reaction data collection 

  • Pilot plant 

  • 70-750-gallon scale Glass and Stainless Steel vessels with temperature ranges from  


  • Commercial Production  

  • 70 reactors, Glass, Hastelloy, and Stainless Steel 2,000-8,000 gallon vessels with temperature ranges from -20-215 C 

  • Distillation equipment 

  • Multi-trayed with Glass and SS Material of Construction options 

  •  5 Wiped Film Evaporators (200C and 5mmHg vacuum) 

  • Filtration, seperation, and drying equipment with a variety of MOC options 



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Analytical Services

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Custom Manufacturing


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WeylChem US

2114 Larry Jeffers Road, Elgin, SC, USA 29045
+1 803 438-3471
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