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WeylChem Wesseling is a leading supplier of cyanuric chloride and derivates, such as triallyl cyanaurate (TAC) and trially isocyanurate (TAICROS®), used as crosslinking boosters as well as building blocks for UV stabilizers, optical brightening agents, paper, detergent, agro, dyes.


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TAC and TAICROS® are highly efficient additives for crosslinking. They improve properties such as heat resistance, aging or transparency of plastic and rubber materials and EVA encapsulants for solar modules. 

The products of the TAC and TAICROS® series are mainly used as crosslinking additives, improving crosslinking efficiency and chemical resistance of rubber materials as well as hot set behavior, thermal and chemical resistance of plastics. They increase cure speed and improve transparency of EVA encapsulants for solar modules. 

All TAC and TAICROS® products are highly efficient tri-functional crosslinking additives for peroxide- or electron beam-curing of various materials. The crosslinking process of EVA films is significantly improved by using TAC and TAICROS® as crosslinking additives. Furthermore they are applied in peroxide crosslinking of rubber.



TAC normal grade  TAC normal grade is 100% triallyl-cyanurate in standard quality suitable for all rubber and plastic applications without special color requirements where liquid products can be handled. The product is stabilized with 100 ppm MEHQ. 
TAC optical grade  TAC optical grade is a specially purified quality of 100% triallyl-cyanurate for applications where the color is a critical factor and liquid products can be handled. The product is stabilized with 100 ppm MEHQ. 
TAICROS®  TAICROS® is 100% triallyl-isocyanurate, useful for all rubber and plastic applications as long as liquids can be handled. 
TAICROS® M  TAICROS® M is 100% trimethylallyl-isocyanurate, useful for all rubber and plastic applications where very high processing temperatures or longer hold up times are required. 
TAC/TAICROS® can be loaded to different polymer carriers as masterbatch (HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, PP, PA6, EVA etc.), in a concentration up to 60%. The masterbatch can be used for plastic applications where handling of liquids is difficult. 
Masterbatch portfolio 
TAC EVA 50, LDPE 40 
TAICROS®  HDPE 60, PA 6 60, PP 60, EVA 45, PBT 40 




Solar cells and their circuit components need physical isolation and structural support. We have developed special TAC and TAICROS® crosslinking additives which improve the crosslinking process of EVA films. 


Polymers play an important role in daily life and are impossible to fade away. Food packaging has a large share of polymer applications, where alkoxides work as catalysts in their synthesis. 


TAC and TAICROS® are mainly used as crosslinking additives in peroxide or electron beam induced crosslinking of rubber materials providing low compression set and improved chemical resistance. 


TAC and TAICROS® masterbatch products allow realization of simpler production processes and save energy up to 95% for production of e-beam crosslinked engineering polymers. 

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Marketing Manager | Cyanuric Chloride | Derivate

Dr. Philip H. Reinsberg
Head of Applied Technology and Quality Control | Cyanuric Chloride | TAC | TAICROS

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Head of Customer Service | Cyanuric Chloride | Derivatives


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